Change Nothing EP

by Terrible Love

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released January 16, 2016

All songs written by Terrible Love
Engineered & mixed by Lewis Johns
Recorded September 2015 at The Ranch Production House, Southampton
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland



all rights reserved


Terrible Love London, UK

Terrible Love are a modern hardcore band from London, UK.

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Track Name: Change Nothing
I've prayed for rain to wash me away
But nothing feels the same
I wish you'd stayed
To bare the brunt of this storm
To keep me sane

Do I impress you? I'm not convinced
I've been treading water
so far out of my depth
In this sea of my creation
That I've filled with our regret

Remember me for better or for worse
Stop trying, change nothing
I'll stay the same, I've kept the blame

Do I impress you? I don't care
There was never comfort there
Empty rooms I walk through
That I'll never add to

Wolves wait by old doors, unopened
And I'm scared to look
I thought I'd grown and I thought I'd changed
But here we stand, it's all the same
Disappointment in the man I've grown to be
This life escapes us and I'll never be free
Expectations in myself, that were never in reach
Stop trying, change nothing
and accept defeat
Track Name: Mt. Misery
Useless, absent, forgetful mind
The love I knew was left behind
But why must I remember this

No calming hand could sway me now
I'd rather nothing than the same
I'll miss the world, but it won't miss me
This wasn't born from sadness
It starts with rage
For putting me in this cage

Useless, absent, forgetful mind
The love I knew was left to die
But I'll remember this

I lay my head down on cold of tracks
Where you placed coins
I hope to hear a little better

The ground shakes underfoot
A train is coming to take me away
But I don't want to leave
Track Name: They Need You
Think of all the good you could do
What do they need? They need you
But you're preying on those
Too hungry to think
Empty promises of something better to drink

There's no paradise waiting for me

Holy water is bitter on my tongue
Forget all that you've done
You're fooling no one
A cure for sinners that leaves them with disease
Commanded to their knees
Seems not a cure to me
Track Name: Stone In Me
I am I, but I wish I wasn't
With plans so bright that I've forgotten
And cracks in pavements pull me to embrace
I've grown restless in this space

I know there's satisfaction close to hand
A life of joy in greener lands

So bury me in concrete
Because the earth won't hold me
I'll be spat out the worms won't feed
A stone grave for the stone in me

My eyes adjusted to the dark
That holds the beat of my brick heart
The hum of cables in my veins
A metropolis that bears my name

I'll forever be the same
Track Name: Sparrow
You measure your greed in empty bellies
A conscience stained by many
No price too high no depth too low
Fuck what you've done to my home

I can't recognise the roads
Where we ran and played
All I see is hives for the drones
And those who stayed all alone

Why stay, run away
I've tried, but I'm afraid
Because if I blink it will fade
So I'll suffer and I'll stay

I think you must hate all I held dear to me
My childhood priced and displayed
Painted grey just to please
And what you've done to my nest, in the name of this progress
Can't be undone can't be changed
So burn it down and start again

Dragging feet slow me down
And baseless fear turned me around
Because if I blink it will fade
So I'll suffer and I'll stay

Burn it down and start again